Community Centre Development Project continues with series of Excellent Events…

UPDATE: Our Community Centre Development Project has seen an immense effort in the past 6 months as we strive towards achieving that target of £60,000. To date the Community Group has achieved just over £45,000 and we have a number of events to come as we bid to reach that 60K target by January 2018.

“Please remember across our Community in Loughmacrory that this is YOUR Project.”

Folks, be sure to check out the next Events coming up in Loughmacrory as we move into December…

EVENTS Link is here:

It is a challenge to redevelop a top class Community Centre hub for the next Generation of people in our area. The current Centre was built back in 1968 and launched officially in the Summer of 1969 – 50 Years on we can be thankful for the many many happy and vivid memories it has provided for “So Many” in our Community so far!

We want to instil that sense of belonging, belief and community spirit again now for the next 50 years and are undoubtedly very grateful to everyone in our Community who has very much stepped up to the mark and helped with our Fundraising Drive to see us realise this next noble ambition.

On that note we say “Míle Buíochas” to everyone who has helped out in any small way and we ask that you have a look now at our upcoming events in the month ahead on this link – Please SHARE the link or SHARE any single event with your friends and pass the word around to come along and enjoy one of these special occasions.

As a Community we have had some excellent Events over the past number of months and, while ultimately we have an ambitious goal of reaching a target of £60,000 of fundraising monies for our new community Centre Development Project, we also believe in providing a series of excellent events which are also “giving back to the community” too.

Ní neart go cur le chéile… There is strength in unity…

“We are acting now to restore our Community Centre to the “Vibrant Community Hub” to which we have all known and loved. In doing so we can deliver a ‘CENTRE for EVERYONE’ which ALL in our Community can cherish and call their own.”

You can read all about our Project here:

Community respond with amazing generosity towards Community Centre fundraising

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