Community respond with amazing generosity towards Community Centre fundraising

Incredible response to Community Centre “Legacy Wall” drive…. Thank YOU!!! 

Our Team of Community Stars have been out and about throughout the area with details of our “Legacy Wall” and our ‘Buy a Brick’ Scheme. This is the main fundraising drive as part of our overall quest to create a new-look Community Centre and Hub for our future generations in Loughmacrory.

It is certainly not difficult to see how our Centre has served so many, so well for so long. There has been a terrific sense of ownership by our Community for our Centre which has provided such a hub for the community since 1967.

The feedback and positive response has been remarkable and once again highlights how special our Community and the People within are when it comes to achieving dreams and goals together!

So far 140 bricks have now been taken up for our Legacy Wall – bronze, silver and gold. We have already surpassed £20,000 in our fundraising efforts and the drive will continue.

A sample of how our Legacy Wall will look, including names of patrons who have signed up to our ‘Buy a Brick’ scheme for the Legacy Wall will be online here at for next Monday.

We are well aware that a number of homes and people in the area have not yet been approached and we apologise as it is taking time but someone will definitely call in the next 2 weeks.

In relation to our plans it is hoped we could have our Legacy Wall in place and be in a position to finalise all our Community Names, families, donors and Businesses for our Legacy Wall by 21st August.

Ní neart go cur le chéile… There is strength in unity…

We must act now to restore our Community Centre to the “Vibrant Community Hub” to which we have all known and loved. In doing so we can deliver a ‘CENTRE for EVERYONE’ which ALL in our Community can cherish and call their own.

Loughmacrory now needs YOU to help this dream become a reality and provide that same sense of pride for further generations to come!

Our Community Centre is more than bricks and mortar and the structure is testimony to years of a local bonding spirit that we call “community”.  Many of us grew up in this building from the old days when it provided us with an extra classroom or a school for Irish dancing, the talent shows, the football changing rooms, the senior citizen dinners and concerts, the bowling club, the pool room or badminton clubs, the band practices, indoor football leagues, keep fit classes, crèches and the Youth Club which has been a massive success from the 70s.

All of this built by a few local people who wanted to develop our handball tradition with a massive project at that time – a new 60 x 30 Handball Alley. That spirit and confident attitude, taking the step to show that ‘We can make our Community better’ is ingrained today and we have continued to improve our facilities around our Lough and we are now the envy of others.

The original building which has served us faithfully over the years is now in need of our help.

We have the opportunity of grant-aid funding of £250,000 to help us restore the building to bring it in line with our other community facilities. We have to combine our efforts and work together again to raise the £60,000 extra funds needed. I am looking forward to a re-juvinated Community Centre, offering fresh modern facilities to breath fresh energy into our local Community and I hope you will all join with us.

Sean Curran, Chairman, Loughmacrory Community Development Association 2017

Our Time… Our Centre… Our Future…

Community endorsing an exciting and “Much Needed” Project… 

“This is a very exciting time as we take the next step in the development of our community.  The ‘Alley’, as it is affectionately known has been at the heart of our community for generations.  It has served us as a hub for talent shows, the youth club and as a handball venue of national significance.  As a community with a proven reputation for working together, we will once again set out together to refresh and renew our community centre and make it fit for purpose for many generations to come”

Declan Mc Aleer, Project Fundraising Co-ordinator

“Loughmacrory continues to expand our boundaries and excel when it comes to providing top class facilities for ALL in the Community. We are so excited to see a building which sparked our sport to life in Loughmacrory so many year ago, now see such a vital renewal. From the dedicated efforts of our founding members through the decades of terrific work by so many volunteers in our club, we can all now look so positively in what will be a “Living” Community Centre for many more years to come”

Chris Curran, Chairman, GAA Handball Club

“The Loughmacrory Community can indeed be extremely proud of the facilities that are currently in place at the moment. These are a perfect example of an entire community working together and for a common goal.

The benefits of our facilities are far reaching and greatly enhance community life.”

Stephen McCullagh, Chairman St. Teresa’s GAC

“St. Teresa’s Primary School has enjoyed a long and successful association with our Community Hall.  The hall has been and still is the centre for showcasing school performances over the past 50 years.  At one point it even served as a classroom!  Today we use the Community Hall for many extra- curricular activities such as sport and drama.   The Community Hall is a valuable resource in this area and facilitates St. Teresa’s Primary School in so many ways.    It is a place to  further develop children’s  confidence and talents.   We are delighted to see this new development and excited for the future. The School will continue to support and utilize the Community Hall for many more years to come.”

Mairead Sweeney, Principal, St. Teresa’s PS, Loughmacrory

“The Old Community Centre was always a perfect facility for our Youth Club but the building is well overdue a facelift. A clean, warm, modern building will pay dividends in community spirit for years to come and pay tribute to the countless hours of voluntary youth work in the past.”

Keara Fox, Youth Club

“Congratulations to the committees and community in Loughmacrory who have provided such wonderful community amenities. At the time when the 60×30 alley was built, the committee were well aware that not everyone was interested in handball, so a hall was added to the project as a first step in catering for the needs of the wider community. I am delighted to learn that further developments are planned. I wish the committee and the whole community every success now and in the future.”

Well done and kindest regards, Fr. Peter Coyle, Founding Committee

We need your help!

We will be creating a permanent

‘Community Star’ WALL in our new-look Community Centre Foyer. This will take pride of place for our Community Stars who have undertaken a fundraising event and, through that event, raised £1,000+ for our ‘Community Centre Project’.

See our Contacts List Sheet or go to our page at to see how to get involved.

Ár Balla n-oidhreacht… Our Legacy Wall

Cement your contribution to our Community Hub and have that “Set in Stone” for generations to Come…

This legacy wall will have the look and feel of a Brick Wall – highlighting how it took the People and Patrons from within our Community to build the new Foundations for our Community Hub.

This scheme will see our Bronze Members, Silver Sponsors and GOLD Partners named as such on our ‘Legacy Wall’ as you enter the new-look ‘Foyer’ in the redesigned Loughmacrory Community, Youth & Handball Centre.

YOUR Community now Needs YOU!

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