Another bumper entry & quality fields set for 2017 Lough Wallball Showdown

There has been another bumper entry confirmed for the upcoming Lough Wallball Showdown this year with quality fields also set to compete in the eagerly awaited 4th showdown event.

With over 200 players set to embark on a challenge for the top class Lough Showdown Glass trophies on offer, excitement is certainly mounting again in the area.

The Club is posting the list of entries here now and, while there are a further 14 additional local names to be added to the list, all players who are planning to attend are asked to check the list below to
a) ensure you are listed
b) ensure you are in the correct grade
c) ensure the Tournament tee shirt size listed for you is correct.

Email Chris at or PM on Facebook ASAP…

The Men’s and Ladies Open events are set to provide incredible high octane action in what are outstanding competitive fields.

3 times National Champion, Conor McElduff will be favourite in a superb high-quality Men’s Open field where 3 times National champion and 2017 finalist, Armagh’s Charly Shanks goes for his first Showdown title. Then there is 2016 Irish Nationals Men’s Open Champion, Galway’s Martin Mulkerrins, not to mention 2016 GAA Handball All Ireland Men’s Open Wallball Champion, Limerick’s Paudi O Coise, who was also a semi finalist at this year’s nationals. The quality continues right down the field and also includes Tyrone’s Seán Kerr and Galway’s Jamie Kelly, who battled it out in a thrilling Men’s 19&U Final tie- break match at the Nationals two weeks ago.

The Ladies Open event will see this year’s Ladies Open champion, Limerick’s Martina McMahon, travel to her first Showdown event while Down’s Lorraine Havern, who has won 3 National titles and lost the recent Open decider, returns to action having been married just last week! Last year saw our youngest ever Open Champion, Armagh’s Megan McCann, and the Irish 17&U champion returns to defend her crown along with the Antrim sisters who possess 5 World Open Championship titles between them, Fiona Shannon and Sibeal Gallagher.

Check out our lists below and previews and profiles to follow as to what can be expected on a very exciting weekend in Loughmacrory from 28th-30th July!

Here are our unique designer Glass Trophies (getting ready for engraving), to be presented to the Winner and Runner-Up in Every Grade at the 2017 Lough Wallball Showdown Tournament… also pictured is the unique Dri-Fit Tournament Tee Shirt to be presented to every player who has entered our 2017 Showdown!

Also please note the Girls U10 has now been amalgamated into the Girls 11&U category, there are no Girls 17&U and no Men’s Masters 55+.

Also please note that the Boys U10 Grade will now be played as a Singles event instead of doubles.

Tournament Information: Click here

ADMAN Mens Open

Conor McElduff (Tyr) – M
Charly Shanks (Arm) – M
Martin Mulkerrins (Gal) – M
Padraig o Coise (Lim) – M
Tadhg o’Neill (Crk) – S
Jamie Kelly (Gal) – M
David Walsh (Crk) – M
Ben Devlin (Lth) – S
Sean Kerr (Tyr) – S
James Doyle (Arm) – L
Pol Clarke (Tyr) – S
Paddy McCrory (Tyr) – S
Fergal Coughlan (Cla) – L
Johnny Woods (Tyr) – M
Tadgh Carroll (Crk) – L
Sean Digney (Dwn) – M

ADMAN She’s Ace Ladies Open

Martina McMahon (Lim) – S
Lorraine Havern (Dwn) – S
Megan McCann (Arm) – S
Fiona Shannon (Ant) – S
Sibeal Gallagher (Ant) – S
Sinead Hanley (Gal) – M
Leah Doyle (Kild) – S
Caitlin Conway (Tyr) – S

Mens B

Dara Cloake (Wex) – M
Jordan ‘Neill (Ant) – M
Spillane Martin (Tyr) – M
Paul Donnelly (Tyr) – M
Gearoid o’Connell (Crk) – M
Richie McNally (Dwn) – M
Dermot Boyle (Mon) – XS
Mark Rainey (Ant) – L
Oisin Cusack (Rsc) – M

Mens Challenger

Michael Mc Mahon (Mn) – L
Padraig McGeough (Mn) – L
Barry Mc Cullagh (Tyr) – XL
Laurence Tumelty (Dwn) – M
Stephen Croskery (Dwn) – L
Gerard Russell (Dwn) – L
Stephen McCann (Dwn) – L
Mark McCann (Dwn) – L
Niall Toner (Tyr) – M
Barry Fox (Tyr) – L
Ryan Begley (Tyr) – S
John White (Dwn) – L
Anthony Cowan (Dwn) – M
Clive Slevin (Sli) – S
Barney McAleer (Tyr) – L
Brooklyn Hickey (Crk) – XS
Malachy Coyle (Tyr) – L
Dermot Moxon (Tyr) – XL
Neil Mullan (Tyr) – L
James Mullan (Tyr) – L
Patrick Mullan (Tyr) – S
Tommy Cunningham (Tyr) – S
John Ward (Gal) – L
Andrew Fahey (Rsc) – M
David Carroll (Rsc) – M

Mens Masters 35+

Eamon McCrory – XS
Barrie McCoy (Dwn) – L
Colm Turley (Dwn) – L
Paul Graham (Ant) – L
Billy Caddell (Lth) – L
Conal Curran (Tyr) – L
Martin Toner (Tyr) – L
Seamus McCrory (Tyr) – L
Sean Devine (Ant) – L
Stephen Conway (Tyr) – M

Mens Silver Masters 45+

Paul Cassidy (Mn) – M
George Miller (May) – XL
Pat Murphy (Lim) – L
Fergal Coughlan Snr (Cla) – XL
Eddie McCavitt (Arm) – XXL
Kenny Curran (Tyr) – L
Finbar Fullen (Tyr) – M
Niall Kerr (Tyr) – M
Chris Curran (Tyr) – L
Brian Havern (Dwn) – M

Over 200 players and quality fields set for 2017 Lough Wallball Showdown…

Boys Under 10

Ciaran McCrystal (Tyr) – 10/11
Lorcan Meenagh  (Tyr) – 10/11
Niall Kelly (Gal) – 10/11
Bertie Donohue (Gal) – 10/11
Ryan McGeough (Mn) – 10/11
Jack Devlin (Tyr) – 10/11
Sean Kennedy (Tyr) – 10/11
Ryan McCallan (Tyr) – 10/11
Fearghal O’Gara (Tyr) – 10/11
Matthew Coughlan (Cla) – XXS
Joseph Curran (Tyr) – 9/10
Odhran Curran (Tyr) – 9/10
Gavin Kelly (Gal) – M
Darragh Duddy (Tyr) – 10/11
Caolan Grimes (Tyr) – 10/11
Enda Donaghy (Tyr) – 10/11
Pearse McDonald (Tyr) – 10/11
Odhran Fox (Tyr) – 9/10
Ben Quinn (Tyr) – 10/11
Cory McGaughey (Tyr) – 10/11

Boys 11 & Under

Senan Munroe (Tyr) – 10/11
Shea Munroe (Tyr) – 10/11
Padraig McDonald (Tyr) – 10/11
Eoin Donaghy (Tyr) – XXS
Ruairí McCullagh (Tyr) – XXS
Jack Devlin-Murtagh (Lth) – XXS
Conor Collins (Tyr) – 10/11
Padraig Fox (Tyr) – 10/11
Fergal Magee (Mn) – 9/10
Thomas Duff (Tyr) – 10/11
Seán Óg Teague (Tyr) – 10/11
Seán Callan (Mn) – 10/11
Phelim Quinn (Tyr) – 9/10
Ryan Laverty (Tyr) – S
Fionn McCrory (Tyr) – 10/11
Martin Coyle (Tyr) – XS
Colin Finn (Sli) – 10/11

Boys 13 & Under

Gary McAleer (Tyr) – XS
Eoin McElholm (Tyr) – S
Stephen Kelly – S
Fíachra ÓDúill (Arm) – XS
Jack O Donnell – XXS
Kyle Jordan (Kil) – 10/11
Aidan McGeough (Mn) – XS
Conor Fox (Tyr) – XXS
John McGlinchey (Tyr) – 10/11
Noah Bourke (Kil) – 10/11
Ciarán McNally (Tyr) – XS
Cathal Kelly (Tyr) – XS
Sean Coughlan (Cla) – XS
Mikey Kelly (Gal) – M
John Paul Coyle (Tyr) – XS
Cormac finn (Sli) – XS

Boys 15 & Under

Rhys Cunningham (Dw) – S
Ryan O’Toole (Gal) – XXS
Jason Ó Tuathail (Gal) – S
Cahir Munroe (Tyr) – XS
Cian O Donnell (Gal) – XXS
Tiarnan O’Rourke (Mn) – XS
Philip Doran (Dwn) – S
Conor Keeley (Lth) – S
Darragh White (Dwn) – XS
Anton White (Dwn) – S
Ryan McVeigh (Dwn) – M
Lee Fegan (Dwn) – S
Jack Darcy (Tyr) – S
Brian McAleer (Tyr) – L
Pearse Dobbs (Tyr) – S
Conan McElholm (Tyr) – S
Zak Devine (Tyr) – S
Dara Curran (Tyr) – XS
Nathan Kelly (Gal) – L

Boys 17 & Under

Eoin Brennan (Kil) – S
Conor Walsh (Crk) – Small
Peter Donohue (Gal) – S
Daragh Tumelty (Dwn) – S
Jack Turley (Dwn) – M
Daire Savage (Dwn) – S
Cillian O’Reilly (Cav) – M
Cian o’Driscoll (Crk) – S
Fionn Cusack (Rsc) – M

She’s Ace Ladies B

Mary Havern (Dwn) – S
Cloideach Donaghy (Tyr) – S
Laura finn (Sli) – XS

She’s Ace Ladies Challenger

Catherine Kelly – S
Jenny Mahon (Lng) – XS
Rose McMahon (Lim) – S
Michelle McCoy (Dwn) – 10/11
Aideen Curran (Tyr) – S
Bronagh Allison (Tyr) – XS
Clare Conway (Tyr) – XS
Laura Tuohey (Tyr) – S
Eilish Owens (Tyr) – S

She’s Ace Girls 11 & Under

Katie Jordan (Kil) – 10/11
Clare O’Hagan (Arm) – 10/11
Caislin Tracey (Tyr) – XXS
Laura Duff (Tyr) – 10/11
S Gallagher (Ant) – 10/11
Tara Curran (Tyr) – 10/11
Cara McCrory (Tyr) – 10/11
Aoife Kerr (Tyr) – 10/11
Lucy McCullagh (Tyr) – 10/11
Orla Curran (Tyr) – 10/11
Aine Curran (Tyr) – 10/11

She’s Ace Girls 13 & Under

Sarah Walsh (Cr) – XS
Caoimhe McElduff (Tyr) – XS
Clodagh Munroe (Tyr) – XXS
Katie Donohue (Gal) – S
Carragh Kennedy (Rsc) – S
Dearbhail Fox (Tyr) – M
Aoibhe Curran (Tyr) – 10/11
Niamh Curran (Tyr) – 10/11
Chloe Philpott (Cla) – XS
Emma Kinane (Gal) – XS

She’s Ace Girls 15 & Under

Cailíosa NíDhúill – S
Sarah Devlin (Tyr) – S
Carragh Shannon (Ant) – S
Mairead Fox (Tyr) – M
Ellie Jane Quinn (Tyr) – XS

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