2017 Wallball League Tournament in Loughmacrory this June!

The GAA Handball Club have set up a One Wall handball (Wallball) League for the month of June 2017 to give all players the opportunity to enjoy competitive handball in the one wall arena ahead of upcoming Tournaments, championships, GAA Handball Wallball Nationals and of course the 2017 Lough Wallball Showdown – to be staged from 28th to 30th July.

This year the Wallball League Tournament will commence on Wednesday 7th June and will run through to a Finals evening on Thursday 22nd June 2017. All Finals matches will be 1 x game of 25 aces with al league round matches being 1 x 21 ace games. The entire league will run on the basis of 1 fault = hand-off. All standard rules apply across all grades with the exception of the Under 10 grade which will be Cumann na mBunscoil type rules (details below).

We have had to combine some grades due to the nature of entries and we are also moving the Boys and Girls U15 entries into upper divisions for the league.

The Wallball League will commence on Wednesday 7th June with league finals planned for Thursday 22nd June 2017

Presentations to League Winners and Runners-Up will be made at the 2017 Lough Wallball Showdown weekend.

Rules and information for the 2017 Wallball League Tournament:

  1. Each player plays all other players in their section/division.
  2. Players play minimum 2 matches on each night.
  3. All matches are 1 x 21 ace game in all upper adult divisions.
  4. Top two in each division go into final in that division.
  5. All divisions one wall big blue.
  6. Under 10 & Under 13 Divisions all matches 1 x 15 ace game.
  7. Under 10 grade is Challenger 1 ball. Players play minimum 2 matches on each night.
  8. All players in adult sections are asked to also rotate and referee matches on their league nights also.
  9. Players are all asked to have own handballs over the course of games in the league. Handballs cannot be provided for the league matches by the Club.
  10. All players, coaches and parents attending and participating in this event MUST show respect to everyone in the competitions. This event is again organised voluntarily by Loughmacrory GAA Handball Club and providing our premises for all players to play and enjoy one wall handball in, over the entire course of the one wall season, without charge. This event is being organised to provide additional competitive matches to benefit all the players involved – help them prepare for tournaments, championships & nationals as well as to enjoy social healthy sport in what should be an overall enjoyable social environment. It is thus expected that everyone should treat all officials, players, the facilities and club with the same respect.
  11. Thanks in advance to everyone participating in this League Tournament and we hope everyone enjoys all the games in what should be a great atmosphere over the coming weeks at the One Wall Arena.

While we understand that exact dates shown cannot always work for players, these are here to ensure that all one group comes on a set night with the slot booked for the players in that group. If a player cannot attend on a night they must re-arrange their games before the next night of competition. It is planned for each group to be set up in a Whats-App  Group so players can communicate through their own group. All results must be sent through that whats app group also so updates can be made on the website.

Premier League Fixtures…

Round 1: Saturday 10th June 2017, 7.00pm

  • Ruairi Kelly (Br) dft Paul Donnelly (LM) 21-13
  • Pol Clarke (Br) dft Johnny Woods (Br) 21-20
  • Conor McElduff (Br) dft Paddy McCrory (CM) 21-18
  • Sean Kerr (Br) dft Eamon McCrory (Br) 21-18

Round 2: Saturday 10th June 2017, 7.30pm

  • Johnny Woods (Br) dft Paul Donnelly (LM) 21-13
  • Paddy McCrory (CM) dft Ruairi Kelly (Br) 21-8
  • Sean Kerr (Br) dft Pol Clarke (Br) 21-2
  • Conor McElduff (Br) dft Eamon McCrory (Br) 21-1

Round 3: Saturday 10th June 2017, 8.00pm

  • Paddy McCrory (CM) dft Paul Donnelly (LM) 21-16
  • Johnny Woods (Br) dft Sean Kerr (Br) 21-18
  • Eamon McCrory (Br) dft Ruairi Kelly (Br) 21-18
  • Conor McElduff (Br) dft Pol Clarke (Br) 21-15

Round 4: Thursday 15th June 2017, 8.00pm

  • Sean Kerr (Br) v Paul Donnelly (LM)
  • Eamon McCrory (Br) v Paddy McCrory (CM)
  • Conor McElduff (Br) dft Johnny Woods (Br) 21-2
  • Ruairi Kelly (Br) dft Pol Clarke (Br) 21-6

Round 5: Thursday 15th June 2017, 8.20pm

  • Paul Donnelly (LM) v Eamon McCrory (Br)
  • Sean Kerr (Br) v Conor McElduff (Br)
  • Paddy McCrory (CM) v Pol Clarke (Br)
  • Ruairi Kelly (Br) dft Johnny Woods (Br) 21-6

Round 6: Monday 19th June, 8.00pm

  • Conor McElduff (Br) v Paul Donnelly (LM)
  • Eamon McCrory (Br) bt Pol Clarke (Br) 21-4
  • Ruairi Kelly (Br) v Sean Kerr (Br)
  • Johnny Woods (Br) v Paddy McCrory (CM)

Round 7: Monday 19th June, 8.30pm

  • Paul Donnelly (LM) v Pol Clarke (Br)
  • Conor McElduff (Br) dft Ruairi Kelly (Br) 21-5
  • Eamon McCrory (Br) v Johnny Woods (Br)
  • Sean Kerr (Br) v Paddy McCrory (CM)

Final: Thursday 22nd June, 7.30pm

Division 1 League

Round 1: Wednesday 7th June, 6.30pm

  • Paul Cassidy (Mon) dft Caitlin Conway (LM) 21-4
  • Cahir Munroe (CM) dft Megan McCann (Arm) 21-14
  • Chris Curran (LM) dft Pete Larkin (Mon) 21-13
  • Conor Duff (LM) dft Finbarr Fullen (LM) 21-11
  • Dara Curran (LM) dft Kenny Curran (LM) 21-19

Round 2: Wednesday 7th June, 7.00pm

  • Megan McCann (Arm) dft Paul Cassidy (Mon) 21-12
  • Pete Larkin (Mon) dft Caitlin Conway (LM)
  • Cahir Munroe (CM) dft Finbarr Fullen (LM)
  • Dara Curran (LM) dft Chris Curran (LM) 21-17
  • Conor Duff (LM) dft Kenny Curran (LM) 21-11

Round 3: Tuesday 13th June, 7.30pm

  • Paul Cassidy (Mon) bt Pete Larkin (Mon)
  • Megan McCann (Arm) dft Finbarr Fullen (LM)
  • Dara Curran (LM) dft Caitlin Conway (LM) 21-4
  • Cahir Munroe (CM) dft Kenny Curran (LM) 21-8
  • Chris Curran (LM) bt Conor Duff (LM) 21-12

Round 4: Tuesday 13th June, 8.00pm

  • Paul Cassidy (Mon) dft Finbarr Fullen (LM) 21-18
  • Dara Curran (LM) bt Pete Larkin (Mon)
  • Megan McCann (Arm) dft Kenny Curran (LM) 21-16
  • Conor Duff (LM) dft Caitlin Conway (LM)
  • Chris Curran (LM) dft Cahir Munroe (CM) 21-19

Round 5: Monday 19th June, 6.30pm

  • Paul Cassidy (Mon) dft Dara Curran (LM) 21-20
  • Kenny Curran (LM) dft Finbarr Fullen (LM)
  • Conor Duff (LM) bt Pete Larkin (Mon)
  • Megan McCann (Arm) bt Chris Curran (LM) 21-14
  • Cahir Munroe (CM) dft Caitlin Conway (LM)

Round 6: Monday 19th June, 7.00pm

  • Paul Cassidy (Mon) bt Kenny Curran (LM)
  • Conor Duff (LM) v Dara Curran (LM)
  • Chris Curran (LM) dft Finbarr Fullen (LM)
  • Cahir Munroe (CM) bt Pete Larkin (Mon)
  • Megan McCann (Arm) dft Caitlin Conway (LM)

Round 7: Monday 19th June, 7.30pm

  • Paul Cassidy (Mon) bt Conor Duff (LM) 21-12
  • Chris Curran (LM) bt Kenny Curran (LM)
  • Cahir Munroe (CM) bt Dara Curran (LM)
  • Finbarr Fullen (LM) bt Caitlin Conway (LM)
  • Megan McCann (Arm) bt Pete Larkin (Mon)

Round 8: Wednesday 21st June, 7pm

  • Chris Curran (LM) bt Paul Cassidy (Mon) 21-15
  • Cahir Munroe (CM) dft Conor Duff (LM) 21-19
  • Kenny Curran (LM) dft Caitlin Conway (LM)
  • Megan McCann (Arm) v Dara Curran (LM)
  • Pete Larkin (Mon) dft Finbarr Fullen (LM)

Round 9: Wednesday 21st June, 7.30pm

  • Cahir Munroe (CM) bt Paul Cassidy (Mon) 21-12
  • Chris Curran (LM) dft Caitlin Conway (LM) 21-5
  • Conor Duff (LM) bt Megan McCann (Arm) 21-19
  • Pete Larkin (Mon) bt Kenny Curran (LM)
  • Dara Curran (LM) dft Finbarr Fullen (LM)

Final: Tuesday 27th June, 7.00pm

Division 2 League

Round 1: Monday 12th June, 6.30pm

  • Conan McElholm (LM) dft Matthew Donnelly (LM)
  • Jack Darcy (Br) bt Barney McAleer (Cap) 21-16
  • Zak Devine (LM) bt Brian McAleer (Cap) 21-5
  • Conor Keenan (CM) Niall Toner (LM)
  • Ciaran Mullan (LM) bt Pearse Dobbs (LM) 21-8

Round 2: Monday 12th June, 7.00pm

  • Barney McAleer (Cap) bt Matthew Donnelly (LM)
  • Conan McElholm (LM) bt Brian McAleer (Cap) 21-20
  • Jack Darcy (Br) bt Niall Toner (LM) 21-16
  • Zak Devine (LM) bt Ciaran Mullan (LM) 21-3
  • Pearse Dobbs (LM) v Conor Keenan (CM)

Round 3: Thursday 15th June, 7.00pm

  • Brian McAleer (Cap) bt Matthew Donnelly (LM)
  • Barney McAleer (Cap) v Niall Toner (LM)
  • Ciaran Mullan (LM) bt Conan McElholm (LM) 21-18
  • Jack Darcy (Br) v Pearse Dobbs (LM)
  • Zak Devine (LM) bt Conor Keenan (CM) 21-9

Round 4: Thursday 15th June 7.30pm

  • Niall Toner (LM) bt Matthew Donnelly (LM)
  • Ciaran Mullan (LM) bt Brian McAleer (Cap) 21-14
  • Barney McAleer (Cap) bt Pearse Dobbs (LM) 21-13
  • Conan McElholm (LM) bt Conor Keenan (CM) 21-18
  • Zak Devine (LM) v Jack Darcy (Br)

Round 5: Saturday 17th June, 7.30pm

  • Ciaran Mullan (LM) bt Matthew Donnelly (LM)
  • Niall Toner (LM) v Pearse Dobbs (LM)
  • Brian McAleer (Cap) v Conor Keenan (CM)
  • Barney McAleer (Cap) v Zak Devine (LM)
  • Conan McElholm (LM) v Jack Darcy (Br)

Round 6: Saturday 17th June, 8.00pm

  • Pearse Dobbs (LM) bt Matthew Donnelly (LM)
  • Conor Keenan (CM) v Ciaran Mullan (LM)
  • Zak Devine (LM) v Niall Toner (LM)
  • Jack Darcy (Br) v Brian McAleer (Cap)
  • Conan McElholm (LM) v Barney McAleer (Cap)

Round 7: Tuesday 20th June, 7.30pm

  • Matthew Donnelly (LM) v Conor Keenan (CM)
  • Pearse Dobbs (LM) v Zak Devine (LM)
  • Ciaran Mullan (LM) v Jack Darcy (Br)
  • Conan McElholm (LM) bt Niall Toner (LM) 21-19
  • Brian McAleer (Cap) v Barney McAleer (Cap)

Round 8: Tuesday 20th June, 7.50pm

  • Zak Devine (LM) bt Matthew Donnelly (LM)
  • Jack Darcy (Br) v Conor Keenan (CM)
  • Conan McElholm (LM) bt Pearse Dobbs (LM) 21-14
  • Barney McAleer (Cap) v Ciaran Mullan (LM)
  • Niall Toner (LM) bt Brian McAleer (Cap)

Round 9: Friday 23rd June, 8.00pm

  • Matthew Donnelly (LM) v Jack Darcy (Br)
  • Zak Devine (LM) v Conan McElholm (LM)
  • Conor Keenan (CM) v Barney McAleer (Cap)
  • Pearse Dobbs (LM) v Brian McAleer (Cap)
  • Ciaran Mullan (LM) v Niall Toner (LM)

Final: Tuesday 27th June, 7.00pm

Division 3 League

Round 1: Wednesday 7th June 2017, 8pm

  • Padraig McGeough (Mon) bt Dermot Moxon (LM) 21-12
  • Jarlath Duff (LM) bt Patrick Mullan (LM) 21-7
  • Barry McCullagh (LM) bt James Mullan (LM) 21-4
  • Neil Mullan (LM) bt Barry Fox (LM) 21-10

Round 2: Wednesday 7th June 2017, 8.20pm

  • Jarlath Duff (LM) bt Padraig McGeough (Mon) 21-7
  • Barry McCullagh (LM) bt Dermot Moxon (LM) 21-8
  • Neil Mullan (LM) bt Patrick Mullan (LM) 21-15
  • Barry Fox (LM) bt James Mullan (LM) 21-15

Round 3: Tuesday 13th June 2017, 8pm

  • Barry McCullagh (LM) bt Padraig McGeough (Mon) 21-0
  • Jarlath Duff (LM) bt Neil Mullan (LM) 21-7
  • Barry Fox (LM) bt Dermot Moxon (LM) 21-15
  • James Mullan (LM) bt Patrick Mullan (LM) 21-14

Round 4: Tuesday 13th June 2017, 8.20pm

  • Padraig McGeough (Mon) bt Neil Mullan (LM) 21-13
  • Barry McCullagh (LM) bt Barry Fox (LM) 21-11
  • Jarlath Duff (LM) bt James Mullan (LM) 21-8
  • Patrick Mullan (LM) bt Dermot Moxon (LM) 21-15

Round 5: Saturday 24th June 2017, 6.00pm

  • Padraig McGeough (Mon) v Barry Fox (LM)
  • Neil Mullan (LM) v James Mullan (LM)
  • Barry McCullagh (LM) v Patrick Mullan (LM)
  • Jarlath Duff (LM) v Dermot Moxon (LM)

Round 6: Saturday 24th June 2017, 6.30pm

  • James Mullan (LM) v Padraig McGeough (Mon)
  • Patrick Mullan (LM) v Barry Fox (LM)
  • Dermot Moxon (LM) v Neil Mullan (LM)
  • Jarlath Duff (LM) v Barry McCullagh (LM)

Round 7: Saturday 24th June 2017, 7.00pm

  • Padraig McGeough (Mon) v Patrick Mullan (LM)
  • James Mullan (LM) v Dermot Moxon (LM)
  • Barry Fox (LM) v Jarlath Duff (LM)
  • Neil Mullan (LM) v Barry McCullagh (LM)

Final: Tuesday 27th June

She’s Ace Division

She’s Ace Division: Rd 1. Saturday 10th June, 6pm

  • Catherine Kelly (Br) v Eilish Owens (Br)
  • Sarah Devlin (Br) v Ellie Jane Quinn (Pom)
  • Bronagh Allison (CM) v Cloideach Donaghy (Br)

She’s Ace Division: Rd 2. Saturday 10th June, 6pm

  • Bronagh Allison (CM) v Sarah Devlin (Br)
  • Eilish Owens (Br) v Ellie Jane Quinn (Pom)
  • Catherine Kelly (Br) v Clodagh Munroe (CM)

She’s Ace Division: Rd 3. Thursday 15th June, 6pm

  • Cloideach Donaghy (Br) v Eilish Owens (Br)
  • Clodagh Munroe (CM) v Bronagh Allison (CM)
  • Ellie Jane Quinn (Pom) v Catherine Kelly (Br)

She’s Ace Division: Rd 4. Thursday 15th June, 6.20pm

  • Clodagh Munroe (CM) v Sarah Devlin (Br)
  • Cloideach Donaghy (Br) v Catherine Kelly (Br)
  • Ellie Jane Quinn (Pom) v Bronagh Allison (CM)

She’s Ace Division: Rd 5. Thursday 15th June, 6.40pm

  • Ellie Jane Quinn (Pom) v Cloideach Donaghy (Br)
  • Sarah Devlin (Br) v Catherine Kelly (Br)
  • Clodagh Munroe (CM) v Eilish Owens (Br)

Round 6: Rd 6. Tuesday 20th June, 8.30pm

  • Ellie Jane Quinn (Pom) v Clodagh Munroe (CM)
  • Eilish Owens (Br) v Bronagh Allison (CM)
  • Cloideach Donaghy (Br) v Sarah Devlin (Br)

Round 6: Rd 7. Tuesday 20th June, 8.50pm

  • Bronagh Allison (CM) v Catherine Kelly (Br)
  • Clodagh Munroe (CM) v Cloideach Donaghy (Br)
  • Sarah Devlin (Br) v Eilish Owens (Br)

Final: Thursday 22nd June

U10 League Section A

All Matches 1 x 15 ace game

Round 1: Friday 9th June, 6pm

  • Sean Kennedy (Pom) bt Odhran Barrett (Pom) 15-3
  • Ryan McGeough (Mon) bt Corey McGaughey (LM) 15-6
  • Dara Duddy (LM) v Jack Devlin (Br)
  • Enda Donaghy (LM) v Caolan Grimes (LM)

Round 2: Friday 9th June, 6.15pm

  • Ryan McGeough (Mon) bt Joseph Curran (LM) 15-14
  • Jack Devlin (Br) v Odhran Barrett (Pom)
  • Enda Donaghy (LM) v Corey McGaughey (LM)
  • Caolan Grimes (LM) bt Dara Duddy (LM) 15-7

Round 3: Tuesday 13th June, 6pm

  • Sean Kennedy (Pom) bt Jack Devlin (Br) 15-7
  • Enda Donaghy (LM) bt Joseph Curran (LM) 15-10
  • Odhran Barrett (Pom) v Caolan Grimes (LM)
  • Corey McGaughey (LM) bt Dara Duddy (LM) 15-8

Round 4: Tuesday 13th June, 6.15pm

  • Enda Donaghy (LM) bt Ryan McGeough (Mon) 15-13
  • Sean Kennedy (Pom) bt Caolan Grimes (LM) 15-9
  • Joseph Curran (LM) v Dara Duddy (LM)
  • Corey McGaughey (LM) bt Odhran Barrett (Pom) 15-6

Round 5: Tuesday 13th June, 6.30pm

  • Caolan Grimes (LM) v Jack Devlin (Br)
  • Ryan McGeough (Mon) v Dara Duddy (LM)
  • Corey McGaughey (LM) v Sean Kennedy (Pom)
  • Joseph Curran (LM) v Odhran Barrett (Pom)

Round 6: Tuesday 20th June, 6pm

  • Dara Duddy (LM) v Enda Donaghy (LM)
  • Jack Devlin (Br) v Corey McGaughey (LM)
  • Odhran Barrett (Pom) v Ryan McGeough (Mon)
  • Sean Kennedy (Pom) v Joseph Curran (LM)

Round 7: Tuesday 20th June, 6.15pm

  • Corey McGaughey (LM) v Caolan Grimes (LM)
  • Enda Donaghy (LM) v Odhran Barrett (Pom)
  • Joseph Curran (LM) v Jack Devlin (Br)
  • Sean Kennedy (Pom) bt Ryan McGeough (Mon) 15-8

Round 8: Friday 23rd June, 6.30pm

  • Odhran Barrett (Pom) v Dara Duddy (LM)
  • Caolan Grimes (LM) v Joseph Curran (LM)
  • Sean Kennedy (Pom) v Enda Donaghy (LM)
  • Ryan McGeough (Mon) bt Jack Devlin (Br) 15-11

Round 9: Friday 23rd June, 6.45pm

  • Corey McGaughey (LM) bt Joseph Curran (LM) 15-12
  • Dara Duddy (LM) v Sean Kennedy (Pom)
  • Ryan McGeough (Mon) v Caolan Grimes (LM)
  • Enda Donaghy (LM) v Jack Devlin (Br)

Final: Tuesday 27th June

U10 League Section B

All Matches 1 x 15 ace game

Round 1: Friday 9th June, 6.30pm

  • Odhran Fox (LM) bt Eoin McElduff (LM) 15-11
  • Ryan Mc Callan (Pom) v Senan Munroe (CM)
  • Ronan Fitzgerald (Pom) v Odhran Curran (LM)
  • Conor Collins (LM) bt Lorcan Meenagh (LM) 15-5

Round 2: Friday 9th June, 6.45pm

  • Ryan Mc Callan (Pom) bt Pearse McDonald (LM) 15-4
  • Odhran Curran (LM) bt Odhran Fox (LM) 15-11
  • Senan Munroe (CM) v Conor Collins (LM)
  • Ronan Fitzgerald (Pom) bt Lorcan Meenagh (LM) 15-7

Round 3: Tuesday 13th June, 6.30pm

  • Eoin McElduff (LM) v Odhran Curran (LM)
  • Pearse McDonald (LM) bt Conor Collins (LM) 15-13
  • Lorcan Meenagh (LM) bt Odhran Fox (LM) 15-14
  • Ronan Fitzgerald (Pom) v Senan Munroe (CM)

Round 4: Tuesday 13th June, 6.45pm

  • Ryan Mc Callan (Pom) v Conor Collins (LM)
  • Lorcan Meenagh (LM) v Eoin McElduff (LM)
  • Pearse McDonald (LM) v Ronan Fitzgerald (Pom)
  • Senan Munroe (CM) v Odhran Fox (LM)

Round 5: Tuesday 13th June, 7.00pm

  • Lorcan Meenagh (LM) v Odhran Curran (LM)
  • Ryan Mc Callan (Pom) v Ronan Fitzgerald (Pom)
  • Senan Munroe (CM) v Eoin McElduff (LM)
  • Pearse McDonald (LM) v Odhran Fox (LM)

Round 6: Tuesday 20th June, 6.30pm

  • Ronan Fitzgerald (Pom) v Conor Collins (LM)
  • Odhran Curran (LM) v Senan Munroe (CM)
  • Ryan Mc Callan (Pom) bt Odhran Fox (LM) 15-10
  • Eoin McElduff (LM) v Pearse McDonald (LM)

Round 7: Tuesday 20th June, 6.45pm

  • Senan Munroe (CM) v Lorcan Meenagh (LM)
  • Conor Collins (LM) v Odhran Fox (LM)
  • Pearse McDonald (LM) v Odhran Curran (LM)
  • Ryan Mc Callan (Pom) v Eoin McElduff (LM)

Round 8: Friday 23rd June, 6.45pm

  • Odhran Fox (LM) v Ronan Fitzgerald (Pom)
  • Lorcan Meenagh (LM) v Pearse McDonald (LM)
  • Eoin McElduff (LM) v Conor Collins (LM)
  • Odhran Curran (LM) v Ryan Mc Callan (Pom)

Round 9: Friday 23rd June, 7.00pm

  • Pearse McDonald (LM) v Senan Munroe (CM)
  • Ronan Fitzgerald (Pom) v Eoin McElduff (LM)
  • Ryan Mc Callan (Pom) v Lorcan Meenagh (LM)
  • Conor Collins (LM) v Odhran Curran (LM)

Final: Tuesday 27th June

U13 League Section A: 

All matches are 1 x 15 ace game. 1 Fault = Handoff.

Round 1: Friday 9th June, 7.00pm

  • Aidan McGeough (Mon) bt Ryan Laverty (Pom) 15-3
  • Diarmuid ORiordan (Mon) bt Martin Coyle (Pom) 15-14
  • Eoin Donaghy (LM) v Phelim Quinn (Pom)
  • Tomas Duff (LM) v Gary McAleer (LM)
  • Aidan Cunningham (Mon) v Connor Fox (LM)

Round 2: Friday 9th June, 7.15pm

  • Diarmuid ORiordan (Mon) v Aidan McGeough (Mon)
  • Phelim Quinn (Pom) v Ryan Laverty (Pom)
  • Gary McAleer (LM) bt Martin Coyle (Pom) 15-2
  • Connor Fox (LM) v Eoin Donaghy (LM)
  • Aidan Cunningham (Mon) v Tomas Duff (LM)

Round 3: Saturday 17th June, 4.30pm

  • Aidan McGeough (Mon) v Phelim Quinn (Pom)
  • Gary McAleer (LM) bt Diarmuid ORiordan (Mon) 15-3
  • Connor Fox (LM) bt Ryan Laverty (Pom) 15-3
  • Martin Coyle (Pom) v Aidan Cunningham (Mon)
  • Eoin Donaghy (LM) v Tomas Duff (LM)

Round 4: Saturday 17th June, 4.45pm

  • Gary McAleer (LM) bt Aidan McGeough (Mon) 15-6
  • Connor Fox (LM) bt Phelim Quinn (Pom) 15-3
  • Aidan Cunningham (Mon) v Diarmuid ORiordan (Mon)
  • Tomas Duff (LM) v Ryan Laverty (Pom)
  • Eoin Donaghy (LM) v Martin Coyle (Pom)

Round 5: Saturday 17th June, 5.00pm

  • Aidan McGeough (Mon) bt Connor Fox (LM) 15-8
  • Gary McAleer (LM) v Aidan Cunningham (Mon)
  • Phelim Quinn (Pom) v Tomas Duff (LM)
  • Diarmuid ORiordan (Mon) v Eoin Donaghy (LM)
  • Ryan Laverty (Pom) v Martin Coyle (Pom)

Round 6: Tuesday 20th June, 7.45pm

  • Aidan Cunningham (Mon) v Aidan McGeough (Mon)
  • Tomas Duff (LM) v Connor Fox (LM)
  • Eoin Donaghy (LM) v Gary McAleer (LM)
  • Martin Coyle (Pom) v Phelim Quinn (Pom)
  • Diarmuid ORiordan (Mon) bt Ryan Laverty (Pom) 15-7

Round 7: Tuesday 20th June, 8.00pm

  • Aidan McGeough (Mon) v Tomas Duff (LM)
  • Aidan Cunningham (Mon) v Eoin Donaghy (LM)
  • Connor Fox (LM) v Martin Coyle (Pom)
  • Gary McAleer (LM) v Ryan Laverty (Pom)
  • Diarmuid ORiordan (Mon) bt Phelim Quinn (Pom) 15-1

Round 8: Friday 23rd June, 7.15pm

  • Eoin Donaghy (LM) v Aidan McGeough (Mon)
  • Martin Coyle (Pom) v Tomas Duff (LM)
  • Ryan Laverty (Pom) v Aidan Cunningham (Mon)
  • Diarmuid ORiordan (Mon) v Connor Fox (LM)
  • Phelim Quinn (Pom) v Gary McAleer (LM)

Round 9: Friday 23rd June, 7.30pm

  • Aidan McGeough (Mon) bt Martin Coyle (Pom) 15-1
  • Eoin Donaghy (LM) v Ryan Laverty (Pom)
  • Tomas Duff (LM) bt  Diarmuid ORiordan (Mon) 15-3
  • Aidan Cunningham (Mon) v Phelim Quinn (Pom)
  • Connor Fox (LM) v Gary McAleer (LM)

Final: Tuesday 27th June

U13 League Section B: 

All matches are 1 x 15 ace game. 1 Fault = Handoff.

Round 1: Friday 9th June, 7.30pm

  • Shea Munroe (CM) v Ronan Fox (LM)
  • Dylan Mc Nally (Pom) v Fergal McGee (Mon)
  • Eoin McElholm (LM) v Matas Sadauskas (Mon)
  • Padraig Fox (LM) v Evan Bradley (Mon)
  • John Paul Coyle (Pom) bt Padraig McDonald (LM) 15-14

Round 2: Friday 9th June, 7.45pm

  • Fergal McGee (Mon) v Shea Munroe (CM)
  • Matas Sadauskas (Mon) v Ronan Fox (LM)
  • Evan Bradley (Mon) v Dylan Mc Nally (Pom)
  • John Paul Coyle (Pom) v Eoin McElholm (LM)
  • Padraig McDonald (LM) v Padraig Fox (LM)

Round 3: Saturday 17th June, 5.15pm

  • Shea Munroe (CM) v Matas Sadauskas (Mon)
  • Fergal McGee (Mon) v Evan Bradley (Mon)
  • Ronan Fox (LM) v John Paul Coyle (Pom)
  • Dylan Mc Nally (Pom) v Padraig McDonald (LM)
  • Eoin McElholm (LM) v Padraig Fox (LM)

Round 4: Saturday 17th June, 5.30pm

  • Evan Bradley (Mon) v Shea Munroe (CM)
  • Matas Sadauskas (Mon) bt John Paul Coyle (Pom) 15-13
  • Fergal McGee (Mon) bt Padraig McDonald (LM) 15-3
  • Padraig Fox (LM) v Ronan Fox (LM)
  • Eoin McElholm (LM) v Dylan Mc Nally (Pom)

Round 5: Saturday 17th June, 5.45pm

  • Shea Munroe (CM) bt John Paul Coyle (Pom)
  • Evan Bradley (Mon) v Padraig McDonald (LM)
  • Matas Sadauskas (Mon) bt Padraig Fox (LM) 15-8
  • Fergal McGee (Mon) v Eoin McElholm (LM)
  • Ronan Fox (LM) v Dylan Mc Nally (Pom)

Round 6: Tuesday 20th June, 7.15pm

  • Shea Munroe (CM) bt Padraig McDonald (LM) 15-11
  • Padraig Fox (LM) bt John Paul Coyle (Pom) 15-2
  • Eoin McElholm (LM) v Evan Bradley (Mon)
  • Dylan Mc Nally (Pom) v Matas Sadauskas (Mon)
  • Ronan Fox (LM) v Fergal McGee (Mon)

Round 7: Tuesday 20th June, 7.30pm

  • Shea Munroe (CM) v Padraig Fox (LM)
  • Padraig McDonald (LM) v Eoin McElholm (LM)
  • John Paul Coyle (Pom) v Dylan Mc Nally (Pom)
  • Evan Bradley (Mon) v Ronan Fox (LM)
  • Fergal McGee (Mon) bt Matas Sadauskas (Mon) 15-8

Round 8: Friday 23rd June, 7.40pm

  • Eoin McElholm (LM) v Shea Munroe (CM)
  • Padraig Fox (LM) bt Dylan Mc Nally (Pom) 15-12
  • Ronan Fox (LM) v Padraig McDonald (LM)
  • Fergal McGee (Mon) v John Paul Coyle (Pom)
  • Matas Sadauskas (Mon) v Evan Bradley (Mon)

Round 9: Friday 23rd June, 7.50pm

  • Shea Munroe (CM) bt Dylan Mc Nally (Pom) 15-8
  • Eoin McElholm (LM) v Ronan Fox (LM)
  • Padraig Fox (LM) bt Fergal McGee (Mon) 15-12
  • Padraig McDonald (LM) v Matas Sadauskas (Mon)
  • John Paul Coyle (Pom) v Evan Bradley (Mon)

Final: Tuesday 27th June

Girls U13 League: 

Round 1: Tuesday 20th June, 6.30pm

  • Caoimhe McElduff (Br) v Tara Curran (LM)
  • Laura Duff (LM) v Niamh Curran (LM)
  • Sarah Donaghy (LM) v Aoibheann Daly (CM)

Round 2: Tuesday 20th June, 6.40pm

  • Aoibhe Curran (LM) v Laura Duff (LM)
  • Aoibheann Daly (CM) v Caoimhe McElduff (Br)
  • Niamh Curran (LM) v Sarah Donaghy (LM)

Round 3: Tuesday 20th June, 6.50pm

  • Niamh Curran (LM) v Aoibheann Daly (CM)
  • Laura Duff (LM) v Caoimhe McElduff (Br)
  • Aoibhe Curran (LM) v Tara Curran (LM)

Round 4: Friday 23rd June, 6.00pm

  • Sarah Donaghy (LM) v Laura Duff (LM)
  • Tara Curran (LM) v Niamh Curran (LM)
  • Caoimhe McElduff (Br) v Aoibhe Curran (LM)

Round 5: Friday 23rd June, 6.10pm

  • Tara Curran (LM) v Aoibheann Daly (CM)
  • Sarah Donaghy (LM) v Aoibhe Curran (LM)
  • Caoimhe McElduff (Br) v Niamh Curran (LM)

Round 6: Friday 23rd June, 6.20pm

  • Caoimhe McElduff (Br) v Sarah Donaghy (LM)
  • Aoibheann Daly (CM) v Aoibhe Curran (LM)
  • Tara Curran (LM) v Laura Duff (LM)

Round 7: Friday 23rd June, 6.30pm

  • Aoibhe Curran (LM) v Niamh Curran (LM)
  • Sarah Donaghy (LM) v Tara Curran (LM)
  • Laura Duff (LM) v Aoibheann Daly (CM)

Final: Tuesday 27th June

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