One Wall Handball League Tournament Finals on Tuesday

The line-ups of the inaugural One Wall Handball League Tournament, organised by Loughmacrory GAA Handball Club, are almost complete with the FINALS Night scheduled for Tuesday 30th June, starting at now at 5.30pm with the Mens Open Semi Finals and Final, in the OW Arena. Full schedule below.

Some grades will have matches to be completed in full by this Friday 26th June which will decide the remaining semi final or final line-ups. Following a meeting of the organising committee, it was decided that we would revert to semi finals in some grades (as had initially been planned) where there were 2 groups or in the event of three-way playoffs developing in a grade.

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The schedule remaining to see the conclusion of the Leagues is therefore as follows:

Tuesday 30th June 2015, starting at 5.30pm
One Wall Handball League Tournament FINALS Night

All matches in Semi Finals and Finals (except at Under 10) are 15 minute games or 31 aces. One Serve and Time game rules apply.

Times are approximate and are simply a gauge of when the finals quoted will go ahead but the order is shown as scheduled below. Also please note the Winners and Runners-Up Presentations will be made at a Presentation Evening pre Lough 1Wall Showdown Tournament in Loughmacrory Clubrooms, details TBC.

Mens Challenger Grade: Playoff required to decide Best runners-up spot to play Gerard Conroy in semi final 2 – involving Jarlath Duff (Loughmacrory) OR Conor Keenan (Carrickmore) 5.30pm:
Court 2 – Mens Open SF 1: Patrick McCrory (Carrickmore) v Jack Campbell (Breacach)
Court 3 – Mens Open SF 2: Pol Clarke (Breacach) v Johnny Woods (Breacach)

خيار ثنائي الروبوت المتحرك 5.55pm:
Court 2 – Mens Open Final: Winner of SF1 v Winner of SF2 6.00pm:
Court 1 – Boys Under 10 Semi FINAL 1: Eoin Donaghy (Loughmacrory) v Shea Munroe (Carrickmore)
Court 2 – Boys Under 10 Semi FINAL 2: Ruairi McCullagh (Loughmacrory) v Padraig Fox (Loughmacrory)
Court 3 – Girls She’s Ace Under 12 B Final: Niamh Curran (Loughmacrory) v Ellie Jane Quinn (Pomeroy) 6.15pm:
Court 1 – Ladies C Semi Final 1 – Aideen Curran (Loughmacrory) v Sarah Devlin (Breacach)
Court 2 – Ladies C Semi Final 2 – Claire Conway (Loughmacrory) v Meabh McCrystall (Breacach)
Court 3 – Girls Under 10 FINAL: Aoife Kerr (Breacach) v Bronagh Farley (Breacach) 6.30pm:
Court 1 – Boys Under 10 Winner SF 1: Eoin Donaghy (Loughmacrory) v Shea Munroe (Carrickmore)
Court 2 – Boys Under 10 Winner SF 2: Ruairi McCullagh (Loughmacrory) v Padraig Fox (Loughmacrory)
Court 3 – Mens Challenger Semi Final 1: Spillane Martin (Breacach) v Gerard Keenan (Carrickmore)

option 1 6.40pm:
Court 1 – Mens Challenger Semi Final SF2: Gerard Conroy (Breacach) v Jarlath Duff (Loughmacrory) OR Conor Keenan (Carrickmore)
Court 2 – Mens A Semi Final 1 – Lorraine Havern (Saval) v Niall Kerr (Breacach)
Court 3 – Mens A Semi Final 2 – Conor Duff (Loughmacrory) v Eamon McCrory (Breacach)

Tastylia Wholesaler 6.55pm:
Court 1 – Ladies B Semi Final 1 – Michaela McCartan (Breacach) v Elizabeth McGarvey (Breacach)
Court 2 – Ladies B Semi Final 2 – Michelle Warren (Breacach) v Caitlin Conway (Loughmacrory)
Court 3 – Mens B Semi Final 1 – Seamus McCrory (Breacach) v Kenny Curran (Loughmacrory)

binäre optionen broker werden 7.15pm:
Court 1 –  Mens B Semi Final 2 – Maeve McElduff (Breacach) v Aaron Owens (Breacach)
Court 2 – Girls She’s Ace Under 12 A Final: Clodagh Munroe (Carrickmore) v Cloda McNamee (Carrickmore)
Court 3 – Boys Under 14 FINAL: Diarmaid Gallagher (Loughmacrory) v Caolan McCartan Breacach) 7.30pm:
Court 1 – Boys Under 10 FINAL: Winner SF 1 v Winner SF 2
Court 2 – Boys Under 16 FINAL: Cormac Munroe (Carrickmore) v Dara Curran (Loughmacrory)
Court 3 – Boys Under 12 A FINAL: Johnathan Owens (Breacach) v Jack Darcy (Breacach)

iqopzioni60 7.40pm:
Court 1 – She’s Ace Ladies Challenger Final: Aine Farley (Breacach) v Cloideach Donaghy (Breacach)
Court 2 – Mens B FINAL: Winner of SF1 v Winner of SF2
Court 3 – Ladies C Final: Winner of SF1 v Winner of SF2 7.55pm:
Court 1 – Boys Under 12 B FINAL: Zach Devine (Loughmacrory) v Dara McCullagh (Loughmacrory)
Court 2 – Ladies B Final: Winner of SF1 v Winner of SF2
Court 3 – Mens Challenger Final: Winner of SF1 v Winner of SF2

Court 1 – Mens A Final: Winner of SF1 v Winner of SF2

Meanwhile, Loughmacrory GAA Handball Club have announced full details and released their entry for the upcoming Lough 1Wall GAA Handball Showdown which is scheduled to go ahead on the weekend of 17th-19th July 2015.

There will be a Special Registration Night again for the Tournament and this will take place on Wednesday 1st July 2015. Final Entry Deadline is WEDNESDAY 8th JULY 2015.


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There are indeed continued busy times on the GAA Handball front with much more happening in the months ahead, not least the eagerly awaited World Handball Championships in Calgary, Canada, this August 2015.

Four GAA Handball Team Ireland places have still to be decided at the 2015 GAA Handball One Wall Nationals in Breaffy Sports Arena, Castlebar, from 3rd to 5th July and a very large Tyrone GAA Handball party will make the trip to compete in those events. Full details of entries and other news on this can be found at

Tyrone GAA Handball has also seen the expansion of further One Wall Handball Court facilities in Schools around the county in recent weeks with Galbally GAA installing a new court in their massive Sports Hall and working with the local school being the most recent. This brings the total number of Schools in Tyrone involved now in the One Wall Handball Schools initiative to an impressive 17 Schools with St. Ciaran’s College, Ballygawley, and Holy Trinity College, Cookstown, having five courts each as part of their facilities and St. Joseph’s College, Coalisland, and Dean Maguirc College, Carrickmore, both seeing continued major action in their four-court facilities.

As part of this drive Loughmacrory GAA Handball Club will be looking at a Coaching Camp for Kids in August 2015 to expand knowledge of the game and will be utilising their 60×30, 40×20 and One Wall Arena for that. Stay tuned on for more on this.

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