Loughmacrory Comes ‘Alive’ Again

Loughmacrory is a wonderful asset to the local and wider community but there are less obvious beneficiaries of this great natural resources – a range of wildlife that will use its open water, lake fringes and woodland to survive and thrive. Butterfly Conservation and our local Biodiversity Officer are offering an opportunity for people to come along to a free event on the 7th and 8th August to learn more about the wildlife species that inhabit the area and in particular, butterflies, moths and bats.

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High summer is now behind us but there’s still plenty of opportunity to get out there and see more of the abundance of nature at this time of the year. Butterflies and moths are still ‘on the wing’ and a chance to learn more about the variety that occur locally and nationally will be available at the Loughmacrory Centre. Butterfly Conservation’s regional officer is touring the countryside at the moment encouraging and inspiring people to get involved in recording the butterflies and moths they find in their gardens and the wider countryside. If this sounds interesting, and it is, then come along to hear all about their life-cycle and places they’re found! There will also be an opportunity to borrow a moth trap for your own garden that night with an identification session the next morning.

In addition to all this mothing, the Biodiversity Officer for the Council will also be taking a look at another group of wildlife that come out at night. As the light fades, we will take a short walk along the path to see if we can detect any bats that may be utilising the hedgerows and woodland to get their supper. We’ll be using bat detectors which help to identify the presence and types of bats – each echo-locating on their own unique frequency.

It will be a fun, informative evening. Both officers have a wide range of knowledge and experience between them so if its not bats, butterflies or moths that interest you, they may very well know something about the species’ that do!

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Thursday 7th August 2014, 7pm – 9pm

Loughview Centre, Loughmacrory, Omagh
Bats, Butterflies & Moths
Join Butterfly Conservation Northern Ireland and the Biodiversity Officer for a foray into the world of butterflies and moths. Join us for a talk about the wonders of moths and a chance to borrow traps overnight. For more information, please visit http://loughmacrory.com

Friday 8th August 2014, 10am – 12noon

Loughview Centre, Loughmacrory, Omagh
Big Butterfly Count & Moth Identification
Join Butterfly Conservation Northern Ireland for a moth-y morning as we go through the traps and see what creatures were out and about the evening before! There will be an opportunity to head out to enjoy the site to do some Big Butterfly Count surveys. For more information, please visit http://loughmacrory.com

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